OmniCart v3.6.2

Works like a charm even on the cheapest hosting service.

Marketplace, eCommerce & Classified Ads Platform

Built for efficiency

The control panel exists to get things done, and not to look shiny. Therefore all our focus was on making things straight forward and transparent.

Currency conversion

Currency conversion is deeply integrated, therefore the platform can easily handle conversion between any currencies.
It can seamlessly update the daily exchange rate, but you can also set your preferred rates.

Advanced widgets

You can easily customize your content through widgets.
Currently supported widget types:
  • Navbar
  • Slider
  • LinkList
  • Html
  • Product List

Powerful & Clean grids

We understand how important managing your data is, so we went the extra mile for bringing you clean and powerful grids that can make your job easier.

Open source and developer friendly

No matter how great a product is, if you're locked in. Experience has thought us that custom requirements are always necessary, and sooner or later you will get to the point where you will have to make big decisions when meeting a wall.
Worry not, our code is clean with the least WTFs, and you also have full power over the theme customization without breaking the updates.

What about performance?

Let's just say this is not a weakness either. The numbers speak for themselves. The metrics below were given by google.

How does it compare to other services?

Traditional content management systems offer high control, but usually poor performance and high maintenance.

Service based platforms, are low maintenance, but high fees, limited control and creates an uncertainty for your business.

OmniCart is combining the best of both worlds.
While giving 100% control, it is low maintenance, and 0 fees.

Other Important Features

High Security

Multilanguage / RTL

Multi Vendor

Multi Currency

Top-Level Performance

SEO Optimized

SEO Friendly URLs

Responsive Design

Cash On Delivery

Guest Checkout

Meta Fields

Messaging System

Email Notifications

Currency Conversion

Virtual Products

License Key Generator

API Access (GraphQL)

Blog System

Custom Pages

Themes Support


RSS Feeds

Review System

Questions & Answers System



Products Import

Products Export

Approval System

Sales Commissions

Spam Protection

Maintenance Mode


VAT Handling

Pickup at Location


Customizable Widgets

Product Variations

Product Attributes

Advanced Product Filtering

Social Sharing

GDPR Cookie Notice

Follow / Unfollow System

Profile Page

Storefront Page

Exception Logging

Backup / Restore System

Update System

Media Manager

Shipping Calculation

IP Geo Location

Refund System

Direct Checkout

Coupon Codes

Expiring Products

Affiliate Program

Analytics & Mertrics

PWA Enabled

Recurring Payments

Product Boosting


Google reCaptcha v3

Google Analytics











Netopia Mobilpay


Google Login

Facebook Login

Github Login

Google Merchant

Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ

It comes with an installation wizard, that is fun, and takes care of everything in a few clicks, so you can start focus on selling in no time.
You need a web host, that supports PHP 8.0 or greater
It's built in CodeIgniter v4.1.8
Yes! It is completely open source, and easy to understand code.
Yes, we offer 4 months of free support from the time of purchase.
We do have something, but we're planning on making OmniCart's progress much more transparent in the upcoming months. Meaning, that we would like to have a channel, where you can follow everything that's going on, including the day to day progress.
Besides using strong hashing algorithm (Argon2), doing lots of logging, validating data and using up to date technology, we also protect against:
  • Cross-site request forgery (CSRF)
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injection
  • Content spoofing
  • Predictable resource location
  • Directory indexing
  • HTTP response splitting
  • Clickjacking
Yes, we do. Please inquiry through the contact us form.

Looks good on mobile too

The 2 default themes that it comes with, are completely responsive, and look good on all displays

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