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OmniCart v2.00 - Big step towards flexibility

OmniCart v2.00 - Big step towards flexibility

We're proud to present you version 2.0. A lot of work has gone into improving security even further, and bringing flexibility for your requirements.

It's almost always the case with websites, that they start out with basic needs, but very quickly extends into custom needs where the platform just can't help you anymore. While we're trying to solve most of the complex issues like shipping, promo codes, taxes, etc., there will always be cases where you might need a specific field for your products to hold a special value, or you might want to store more information for the users that are not available. This is where meta fields come to your rescue.

Let's say you want to store the company details at the checkout, so you can directly create invoice for them based on the company details. Now you can easily solve this issue, by creating the user meta fields that would store the company details, and just add them to the checkout form, which will automatically work out of the box, as if it was built in.

While meta fields are taking the spotlight for this version, there's a lot of other improvements that makes this release so great:

  • Added a system health item to the admin, to guide admins if there's something that requires their attention
  • The import system has been improved and extended to support templates for easy repetitive update imports
  • Now you can offer free shipping above x amount
  • Added GoogleTranslate integration to ease the translation process
  • Added Designify integration, to automatically remove product image backgrounds and more
  • For developers, added command to synchronize missing translation keys in a theme. Makes translation for new themes easy as a push of a button
  • Added VAT calculation support
  • Added support to define multiple pickup addresses for your shop
  • You can now change user roles from the admin


In the next updates we want to focus on 3 things:

  1. Improving the tools to be able to write clean and efficient themes without spending too much time on optimizations
  2. SEO related improvements
  3. Access to editing forms to further extend the flexibility of OmniCart
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