OmniCart v1.60 - Analytics

OmniCart v1.60 - Analytics

OmniCart v1.60 - Analytics

Glad to announce, that an importan update has just arrived. The limitations of 3rd party services to track analytics is no longer a barrier. The foundation for easily tracking all kinds of events have been laid out, and you can process this data without having to learn a 3rd party tool.

3rd party integrations are still available, and will be further growing, as a matter of fact, this update also brought hotjar integration for better understanding of your visitors. However, these integrations do come with some caveats like having to learn these generic tools to make meaning out of their data, not gaining granularity out of the box for your vendors, and also not having the comfort of everything in one place, where it's expected. All these gaps are now bridged with the current system.

Currently the following metrics are tracked daily:

  • Unique visitors
  • Avg engagement time
  • Orders
  • Revenue
  • Product impressions
  • Product clicks
  • Add to carts
  • Remove from carts
  • Begin checkout
  • Add shipping info
  • Purchase
  • Blog post impressions
  • Blog post clicks
  • Referral visitors
  • Referral avg engagement time
  • Referral begin checkout
  • Referral add shipping info
  • Referral purchase

Now all of this is just the beginning, and there's much more to follow based on seller requirements.


On top of the main update, adding product images from URL is also possible now :)

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